jazz piano

Piano trio


Original but accessible music is the goal of Mutrio, a contemporary piano trio based in Bristol, UK.


The musicians

Bass player Martin Dupras, drummer Jake Stacey and pianist Paul Bancroft offer an appealing mix of cover versions and their own music.


Martin has been playing bass since taking it up as his 2017 New Year's resolution. Paul has returned to piano after a brief period playing tenor sax - following audience suggestions (not in a good way).


The music

A typical evening with the band introduces some exciting and immediately rewarding compositions from as far afield as Sweden, Israel...and Hotwells (Bristol). Influences range all the way from Chopin to John Coltrane and beyond.






Things to say at a gig:

"You're surpassing Oscar Peterson"

"Sweden is obviously the new New Orleans"

"Where did you get that waistcoat?"


Things not to say at a gig:

"You're better than Julio Iglesias"

"Didn't I see you on Fast Show Jazz Club?"

"Why did you get that waistcoat?"

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