contemporary piano pieces



Written for the atrium at Bristol's Southmead Hospital. An airy piano piece that sounds great in a large space.

Rising Fives

A lively original jazz piano piece that uses successive fifth intervals.


If you're in a hurry - hear a whirlwind 2.5 minute tour of a few different pieces.

Chopin Unhinged

A new, contemporary take on an old Chopin favourite.


Trickle Down

A classical or ambient piece that descends gradually down the piano keyboard.

Beat Ballad

Making the most of the 'beats' created when piano notes sustain and interact.

Whine & Dine

The perfect backdrop to dinner party 'conversations' about religion or politics.


Enjoy a unique piano sound for celebrations, venues, or  fund-raising events in the Bristol area - accessible contemporary piano compositions and covers, played by solo piano, or piano with bass accompianist.  


Get the original piano or piano duo music you need. Find out more by emailing me at mail@paulbancroft.co.uk, and you can preview some piano solo music below.